Noise Cap
Mobile App Design

Sep 2020 - Oct 2020
UX/UI Design
iOS, Android
Noise Cap

Noise Cap is a mobile meter app that provides both sound level and the intensity of vibrations measurement generated by noise issues from neighbours.

As a freelance product designer, I discussed closely with the client and product manager for understanding the needs and product concept and implemented an entire solution of interface and final design for both iOS and Android.

Problem Space

There is no genuine App to guide the legal standards of neighbour's noise and provide measurement between noise level and vibration simultaneously.

Our client wanted to create a mobile app that contributes differentiated value from the products in the current market by providing the entire solution basically for free.


Create a Mobile Meter App using smartphone sensors, which provides the measurement and visualisation of both vibration and noise with guiding the legal standards of neighbour's noise so that users can utilise this product for enhancing their life quality.


Recreating a rough draft of the product concept from the client, I delivered IA with clear orginisation of entire features. Based on IA, we defined hierarchy of elements on each page for constructing Lo-fi wireframes.


For rapid ideation and communication with the client, I designed Lo-fi and Hi-fi wireframes of key pages with user flow and descriptions of features.


Bringing up whole branding concept from scratch including naming and font, I provided colours scheme with dark mode and points colours for making data visualisation clearer.

Design - Tab1

Data Records

As per a type of record — Simultaneous, Vibration, Noise measurement, users can check their saved data with different UI components. I designed each component according to the type of recording. Noise Cap automatically identify and specify the information if the sound level exceed the standard of law depending on daytime or night.

Record details

All information of record is detailed on details page. I discussed closely what the client want to organise on this page depending on the type of record. Noise Cap provides the information regarding the law standard of noise with considering the time of the data measured.

Design - Tab2

Data Meter

Noise Cap provides three types of meter using smart phone's sensor — Noise, Vibration, and Both measurement at the same time. I designed the data visualisation and UI components and defined user flow by use cases.

Capture a dB report overlaid on photo

User can capture the moment with a dB data report, including Average, Minimum, Maximum of dB, overlaid on photo with time and date. It can be easily shared via popular social networks as well.

Real-time video recording

It provides not only for capturing a photo, but also for recording a real-time video with dB data. Users can understand the moment the dB exceeds the standard of law with changed measured value with red colour.

Design - Tab3


I designed Settings including basic options for helping exact measurement with residential type considered. The only basic feature of Noise Cap is free and when users upgrade to Pro, the entire features will be provided unlimitedly just with pay-once.

Launch & Thoughts

After rapidly iterated user testing and bug fix, we successfully launched with Android and iOS Apps.

I've enjoyed playing with data visualisation as my side project at times. Through this project, I got to experience design data-related application and excited to organise all the information with understanding the data elements. I was also very happy to create this product in terms of solving the client's problem and providing better solution to users. I sincerely hope users can utilise this product for helping their life quality with measuring and checking the problem from neighbour's noise.

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