I'm Vivi Shin
a Product Designer.

I create visual solutions across platforms, software, and admin systems, understanding the interconnection between humans, data and devices.

In my free time, I like to learn JavaScript and data visualisation and write a blog about my experience and knowledge gained from UX/UI, Product Design industries for giving inspiration to other designers.

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Latest Articles —

Tina Shyuan, Director of Product Marketing at Qeexo

"Vivi has done awesome work on several projects for Qeexo, including most notably helping to design the UI for our flagship product, Qeexo AutoML, as well as overthrowing the entire design of our company website to bring in a new look-and-feel. We really love her simple and clean art style as well as her in-depth knowledge of web and user flows. (At first, we selected her out of many other designers based on her portfolio.)

Vivi is easy to work with, flexible, and takes feedback very well. (We all know some artists can be quite stubborn - Vivi is not.) She is always able to accommodate our requests, and is fast/productive besides.

In our latest website project, Vivi also acted as the main point-of-contact and translator between Qeexo and the Korean web developer (who only speaks Korean) - she is a great communicator and had over-performed in this role.

We hope to continue to work with Vivi on future projects and recommends her to anyone else looking!"

Design Community, Design Spectrum

"Designers always want well-organised project references, which is not only because it is a study for yourself, but also because you can find room for developing yourself by comparing it to your own work process.

Subskeep is a case study and design project for the subscription management app. It's genuinely well organised from discovery of problems to research, insights, feature definitions, ideas, design solutions, design system, and prototypes. We strongly recommend reading through this project."